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ANY Soldier Add-On: Thank You For Your Service Coin

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**This item is NOT sold separately. It may ONLY be ordered as an add-on to the care package going to a soldier overseas.**

Want to give an extra thank you to your Soldier? This is more than just an ordinary coin, the coin expresses the gratitude for the service and sacrifice of our Soldiers.  Such coins are kept by the Soldier throughout their military career and much after, sometimes handed down from Soldier to Soldier, they are a vital part of military life today and are revered by troops in every branch of service.

  • This coin comes in a blue display box, along with an America's Prayer card, and a small "Liberty Angel" plaque.  

    America's Prayer card reads:

    "God Bless America

    America's Prayer

    With torch held high
    She holds in hand
    Our father's dream
    Of a peaceful land

    She gives us strength
    As we trust in God
    To protect our people
    Both home and abroad

    The power of prayer
    Can surely be
    What brings us peace
    From sea to sea

    T'was then and now 
    We stand to be
    For Peace, Freedom
    and Liberty
               - S.R. Alger

    God Bless America"